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My Web Design Process

Step 1: Detailed Customer Profile

The first step to successful web design is understanding the needs of my clients. This is where I get to hear all about your passion and what you want a web-site to accomplish for you. We will discuss the look and feel of your site as well as the nuts and bolts like the name of your site and all the details for securing a domain and a web-host.

Step 2: Design

Based on your customer profile, I will create a visual representation of what your web site will look like. This includes the flow of pages, and all the details that will make up your site.

Step 3: Review

When the design is complete, I will go over it with you in detail to make sure it is to your liking. I welcome feedback and suggestions for any changes at this point!

Step 4: Develop

This is where your website becomes a reality! I will take the final approved design and create a secure, fully-functioning, mobile-friendly site.

Step 5: Walk-Through

When the site is complete I will take you on a virtual walk-through explaining all of the functions and showing you how to interact with your site (i.e. adding text and pictures, adding products to your shop, etc.)


Time Frame


10-12 weeks





Examples of my work