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Elizabeth Wood - artist and graphic designer



Some of my favorite and most rewarding experience has come in the form of small projects for my clients. My portfolio contains album art for musicians, hand-lettered prints for teachers and colleagues, family mottos leafed in gold foil, graphics for 5K races, t-shirt design, event posters and wedding invitations. If you have a design need, I would be more than happy to make it a reality for you!


Hand Lettering Classes

“Hand-Lettering”, is also known as Modern Calligraphy, is the artful form of drawing letters. This form of art is nearly everywhere you look! It is popular at weddings, on home decor and paper crafting. In my beginner class, you will learn the basic strokes you will need for hand-lettering. You will be inspired to take your hand-lettering to the next level at the end of the workshop. Come join the fun! Supplies and a practice notebook are included in the class fee.


Group Painting Parties

Discover your inner artist as you socialize with others you meet at the painting parties and create a lovely canvas that is “wall-worthy.” Even if you have never painted in your life come join the fun! You will be given all the supplies you need, excellent step-by-step instruction, a cold or hot drink of your choice and a relaxing environment to let your creativity flow!


Interested in Hosting a Private Party?

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